About us

Welcome to The Motion Academy, Australia’s largest and fastest-growing Parkour Academy. With two strategically located facilities and a thriving community of over 1,500 students, we proudly stand as the number one Parkour coaching organisation in Australia.


At our heart, we are a community-driven academy, passionate about empowering children of all ages to explore their physical potential, challenge their boundaries, and embrace a lifelong journey of movement and self-discovery.


Our journey began with a vision to create a world class environment where anyone, from beginners to seasoned athletes, can learn and flourish. We believe that Parkour is more than just a sport; it’s a way of life that encourages freedom, creativity, and resilience.

Our Exceptional Coaching Team

Our team of dedicated coaches are rigorously trained to the highest standards. Led by our in-house ADAPT certified tutor, Ben Westbrook, we prioritize excellence in all areas of coaching. At The Motion Academy, our coaches also have the exciting opportunity to pursue internationally recognized certifications in Parkour and Freerunning through the prestigious ADAPT program.

Parkour is our Passion

It’s what we do and we do it well. In fact, we operate the only purpose-built parkour gyms in WA. This means our students are not confined to a single corner of the gym or having to work around other classes, as they would have to in traditional ‘mixed movement gyms’.


Both of our dedicated parkour facilities were designed by our own team — a team comprised of Perth’s most experienced and qualified parkour athletes and coaches. 

Our engaging and challenging programs are designed to offer the best possible experience for your child. Our coaches are all highly-trained and qualified, with many years experience working with children. We take pride in providing the highest standards of parkour education while making sure everyone stays safe — and has lot’s of fun along the way!

 Parkour and Freerunning through the prestigious ADAPT program.