General information

Term Dates

  • Term 2 2024 – Starts on Monday 22nd April. Ends on Saturday 29th June.
  • Term 3 2024 – Starts on Monday 15th July. Ends on Saturday 21st September.
  • Term 4 2024 – Starts on Monday 7th October. Ends on Saturday 14th December.

Note – Term time classes run as normal on all public holidays.


Make up sessions – Unfortunately, we can not provide make-up sessions due to high class occupancy and our adherence to a strict coach-to-student ratio policy

Important Dates - Term 2 2024

Here are a few dates to pop on your calendar…


  • Term 3 2024 bookings open – current students only – Friday 17th May 4pm (We’ll send you an email and an SMS)

  • Term 3 2024 bookings open to public – Friday 24th May

  • Show and Tell BALCATTA – Sunday 16th June

  • Show and Tell BASSENDEAN – Sunday 23rd June

What to wear and bring?

  • Comfortable sports clothes
  • water bottle
  • Enclosed sports shoes (No crocs, thongs, sandals, wellies etc)


Please ensure that your child wears shoes that they can take on and off without assistance (eg Velcro if they can not yet tie laces).


What's it all about?

Our grading system is designed to allow students to safely progress to more advanced movements. All Parkour Academy students (not mini movers) have the option to take part in our grading system. Students that do not wish to take part in gradings will still get to have lots of fun and learn all of our basic movements, but may not be able to progress onto the more advanced movements or enrol into our advanced classes.

How does it work?

Our grading system consists of seven levels (L0 to L6). All students start at L0 and progress through the levels. Each time a student passes a new level, they will be awarded a certificate and a coloured wrist band that corresponds to that level. The wrist bands allow our coaches to quickly identify which students in each group are working at which level. This allows our coaches to ensure each student is working on the appropriate movements for their skill level. We may also determine which group to put a student in based on their wrist band.

How do students move up levels?

We have found that many children become anxious and do not perform well in official grading sessions, so all of our assessing takes place during their regular classes. At the end of each station rotation the coach will note what level of movement each enrolled student managed to achieve during their practice. This will then be recorded directly into their digital grading record.  


Once a student has attained 16 ticks for a level, they will be awarded their certificate and wrist band for that level. 

How long does it take to pass each level?

This varies depending on a variety of factors (age, previous sporting experience, focus in class, etc) but here is a rough guideline of how long it takes for a beginner to reach each level …

Level 1 ORANGE BAND 1-2 terms
Level 2 GREEN BAND 6 to 9 months
Level 3 BLUE BAND 1 to 1.5 years
Level 4 PURPLE BAND 1.5 to 2.5 years
Level 5 RED BAND 3+ years
Level 6 BLACK BAND 4+ years


There is a one off cost of $20, which will be charged to your account using your stored billing info. This covers the cost of the registration and the associated wrist bands and certificates for each grade. This is not a per term cost. 

Advanced classes

You may have noticed that we have several different level classes on our schedule. These advanced classes can only be accessed by students that have passed the relevant grade for that class. For example, our intermediate classes are only available to students that have achieved a minimum of their L1 certificate. Our advanced classes are able to be more tailored to the students by grouping together students of the same age and grades. Students that have passed grades are always welcome to stay in the lower level classes if they prefer.